What is Marketing?

Gray Suit Marketing takes a broad view of marketing to be delivered through our program. More than a well designed ad or snappy slogan, marketing is the lifeblood of a business, providing leads, tools, and market intelligence to win crucial business.


  • Market, Internal, Competitive


  • Positioning, 30 Second Pitch, Look and Feel


  • Make pricing competitive and profitable
  • Pricing Model: Subscriptions, Commissions, Fee Based, Discounts
  • Setting actual price points

Distribution & Partnerships

  • Using existing distribution channels to accelerate revenue
  • Arranging partnerships with complimentary companies

Product & Service Development

  • Represent the voice of the customer in shaping products, services, and packaging
  • Ensure competitive advantage


  • Moving distributors and consumers through the process of awareness, interest, desire, and sale
  • Executing appropriate campaigns using a mix of media, online, direct mail & telesales, and free public relations


  • Continual evaluation and budgeted adjustment based on the highest return investment

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