Demand Generation Program

The Demand Generation Program builds a marketing machine that translates each dollar invested into a multiple amount of revenue. The program provides approachable research, true visibility of business metrics, and a partnership that serves as a personnel multiplier without adding staff overhead.

Deliverables Include:

Go To Market Plan

Coordination of resources (internal and external sub-contractors or Gray Suit Marketing teams) towards tactical fulfillment of the marketing calendar

Lead fulfillment of tasks within the following categories:

  • Creating a marketing machine through tracking mechanisms, sales tools, and competitive intelligence
  • Developing compelling position and expressing the positioning through all customer touch points
  • Creation, placement, and response mechanisms for media advertising
  • Direct Marketing such as mail, trade shows, and telesales
  • Web presence, interface design, paid search and SEO management
  • Maximizing free media through public relations surrounding technical, financial or community milestones
  • Sales plans, scripts, CRM management, and training
  • Development of competitive intelligence to fully equip the management team
  • Track marketing budget to measure initial return on investment for refinement of activities

The results for this program will be confidence in the creation of a reliable and insightful Go To Market Plan and timely execution of marketing tasks without added overhead. The Client will be able to keep current staff focused on core activities, will earn credibility with prospects who experience sophisticated marketing, and will impress channel partners whose support is critical to future success.

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