Case Studies

Specific client programs are protected by non-disclosure agreements.

Examples of past client successes include:

  • This $100 million dollar a year foreign firm needed a U.S. market entry strategy for licensing an existing brand name. Key elements included:- Analysis of brand benefits and constraints
    - U.S. market analysis including competitive environment, pricing dynamics, consumer switching triggers, an sources of differentiation
    - Brand impact on distribution, pricing, and manufacturing efficiencies
    - Projection of U.S. market revenue under the licensed brand
  • Created an outreach strategy to C-Level executives. This strategy was funded by corporate co-op funds that demanded a 1:20 return on investment. The program formed a pitch perfect position, and then expressed that position through radio, direct mail, telesales, search engine optimization, paid search and free media. The program delivered 25% above goal for lead generation and hard dollar return on investment.
  • Rebranded an existing business to reflect a new customer segment. This new brand was launched in test campaigns across California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. The final program involved customer awareness through drive time radio, interest and desire through online mechanisms, and closed deals through sales training, tools, and competitive intelligence. This ongoing campaign has multiplied lead generation by 5X in the first twelve months.
  • Gray Suit Marketing partnered with this client from its embryonic idea stage to a fully funded corporation that provides Homeland Security services to a long list of at-risk environments. Full funding was achieved in the first venture round as the client morphed its original offering into a fully integrated security firm.