Announcing Fortune500 Intrapreneurs Group

We are proud to announce our new Fortune 500 Intrapreneurs group on LinkedIn. The group is intended for entreprenuerial executives within Fortune 500 organizations.  These “intraprenuers” are a dynamic group and form the core of our client base.

Intrapreneurs are the adventurers within large organizations who see the world as progressive and incomplete. They dive into every task and objective with a ‘start up’ type mentality of innovation, flexibility and risk taking that results in the advancement of an established firm. Intrapreneurs see their company’s sphere as it is and work to make it as it should be.

There is always something missing. There is always something to be done, and they’re just the ones to do it.

Within such sizeable organizations, they’re equipped with the tools to accelerate development by bypassing bureaucratic hurdles in order to take advantage of new opportunities. The Fortune500 Intrapreneurs group is a forum for developing professional knowledge and relationships among individuals interested in the combination of entrepreneurial temperament and the immense potential existing in Fortune 500 corporations.

To join, please log into your LinkedIn account and search in groups for “Fortune 500 Intrapreneurs”.

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