2013 is a high risk, high reward year for marketing. Marketing budgets and buying behavior significantly tightened since 2011. At the same time, with fewer competitors, there is an open path to new revenue and marketshare.

We have put together five workshops that cover important topics before a company spends more money on marketing. Each workshop is and consists of prep work, a 3 hour one on one workshop, and a one hour follow up call.

Company marketing, be smart about it with Gray Suit Marketing.

What Drives Your Economic Engine – Benchmarking your most important marketing metrics:

  • How much should you spend to earn a new client?
  • How much should you spend to retain a client?
  • What type of sales conversion should you expect from your marketing efforts?

Your Marketing Mix – Are you spending your scarce marketing dollars on the right efforts?

  • Traditional Media
  • New Media
  • Online
  • Public Relations
  • Direct marketing
  • Direct sales

What Is Your Competition Doing?

  • Positioning against your company
  • Marketing efforts
  • Public pricing
  • Similarity of offering

Treasure Map – Guiding Customers From Awareness to Action

  • Layout each step of a customer’s process
  • Steps to tighten and accelerate the sales process

Developing a Unique Selling PositionRefining your sales pitch to focus on:

  • An offering that is simple, concrete, surprising, and compelling

Please contact Gray Suit Marketing today to book any one of these important workshops.